Creating a Winning Team of Employees

When it comes to running a business, there are many people involved.  Collectively, these employees work together to ensure the company is successful – which in turn, keeps them employed.  There are many different levels, from the owner right down to the janitor.  One would think that the janitor’s position would be the least respected position within the company and therefore, the employee in that position would receive the least amount of respect.  But if there were no janitors, the trash would overflow, the floors would always be dirty, dust would collect at a rapid pace and the bathrooms would become horrendous.  So, they are as equally important as any other employee to help the company succeed, right?

When Michael opened his new restaurant, he had a team of people that needed to understand the mindset that we are all created equal.  So, he made it mandatory that each server, bartender and hostess knew the names of each cook and dishwasher.  When you came to work, it was mandatory that you said hello to each person by name.  If you needed something during your shift, you would address that person by name and ask politely.  There was no person in that building that was more important than anyone else.  This made for a very well oiled machine where everyone was respectful and courteous to others.  This is a true story too, I worked for this man and it was one of the best restaurants I worked at.  I also noticed that if you did not check your ego at the door, your employment didn’t last very long.

Just because the dishwasher made minimum wage, he was well respected.  After all, the servers needed glassware, utensils and plates to do their job and if they were not nice to the dishwashers, the servers were unable to perform their job efficiently.   The cooks were working very hard to get your food prepared and if you disrespected them, your food order may have been stalled, making your customers irritated and unhappy – which was a smaller tip for you.  As you can see, all positions within this restaurant depended on others to work as a team.  Without a respected team effort, your job was not easy to do.

The idea of teamwork applies to every business.  Without the staff working together and respecting each other, productivity suffers.  Every employee needs to be involved.  Every employee needs to show respect and courtesy towards others.  If your staff can not perform this, you will never have a true team.  Motivating your employees begins when the entire staff understands they are all equal, then they are truly part of a team.

It must start from the top before it will be accepted.  Managers must show respect and courtesy for each employee and must follow through with employees that are not a team player.   If a business is to be successful, it requires every person on board, regardless of your rank.  Your team of employees will be much more motivated to perform when they truly feel they are part of a team, regardless of what their pay is.

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